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Turun ammattikorkeakoulu
Faculty of Arts Academy
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VD - Visual Design, G2 - Graphic Design II, IM - Interactive Media, KS - Curatorial Studies, PD - Product Design, PE - Performance, BM - Time-based Media, PH - English Photography, DI - Interior Design, PM - Natural Materials, DK - Ceramic Design, RF - Applied and Advertising Photography, DM - Digital Media, SK - Glass, FO - Photography, TE - Fashion and Textile Design, G1 - Graphic Design I
University is not open in any ongoing OpenCall.
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English, Finnish
Bachelor, Master
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02: Arts and humanities
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October 15
Deadline for Winter semester Applicatoin: 
April 15
Other information

Compulsory Application Documents a student needs to include to the electrical portal (see step4):

1. Updated student’s study register in ECTS credits

2. The CV

3. Portfolio or related (do not send CDs or DVDs, send a link or send paper version in case possible)

4. ERASMUS/ General application form. Fill in the electrical application form at our webpage www.tuas.fi : Frontpage / Study at TUAS / Exchange Students / How to Apply

Portfolio should not be uploaded upload electrically! Portfolio should be sent via email to Antonella Storti ( either zipped or a link, or paper form)

Students representing following study fields can apply for either autumn 2018 or academic year 2018-19:

Fine Arts (fine arts, photography)

Performing Arts (circus, dance, puppetry and theatre) and Music (music pedagogue).

NB! Students wishing to apply for Media (ie. Animation and film, journalism, advertising) can apply only for spring semester (spring 2019)

Academic Calendar:
· Autumn 1.9. - 19.12.2018
· Spring 3.1. - 31.5.2019

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Linnankatu 54
Turku 20100